AUSSERTECH.labz // MainFrame
>>> we trust you. we transport you.

welcome, human!
and kudos on finding us.

this is the AUSSERTECH.labz, home and
workspace of DAS_STROMKOPF.

this humalien.hybrid entity is not AI.
it says hi.

from here, you can go places:

 >>> humalien.hybrind.brain.transportation
(2) // NachtPortrait
 >>> photographic images created by DAS_STROMKOPF for you with technology.
(3) // iPain
 >>> a Twitter-like thingy sending msgs directly from the brain of DAS_STROMKOPF.
(4) // WebLab
 >>> DAS_STROMKOPF's "professional" presentation for him being a freelance webdeveloper.
 >>> DAS_STROMKOPF's record label (on hiatus). still lots of music over there.

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